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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Taste Round-up From Three Continents

Papparoti Buns, Almond Croissants & Tacos, OH YEAH!

What’s all the fuss about at Papparoti?

Nobody was really sure what to expect from Papparoti, the Malaysian franchise. Roti isn’t an all too exciting word but then the term bun started floating around and it was just best to wait it out and try for myself.

East Asia hasn’t really been given any credit for their innovations in the sweet arts - that has been reserved for French pastries. They produce the lightest desserts – fluffy clouds. I can’t think of a better term than fluffy clouds. The light as air, melt in the mouth plain cakes found everywhere in Thailand (everywhere because 7/11 is everywhere - I was travelling on a budget), Japanese cheesecake and now Malaysian buns.

The word bun is deceivingly simple to describe such a delightful treat. The buns are topped with a generous concentric swirl of caramel icing before being baked, this turns the innocent bun into a seductress of the senses. A delicious crunchy coating is what remains of the icing and the bun (did you really think it was as innocent as it looked?) gives way almost like it’s about to escape your lips with a buttery filling.

Just be sure to eat them fresh from the oven, this isn’t a baked treat that you should buy a six-pack of to take home with you.The buns are available in a deal with coffee or tea, which there is a large selection of. The prices for a deal go up to Rs500! Just a bun will cost you Rs250.

Something new at our usual hangouts
There are always those few restaurants you go to despite all the new ones opening up everyday. There is a level of undeniable comfort that comes with sitting at your table where everybody knows your name - at least they recognize your face. Going to your favorite place also means that you order the same old dishes. You logically conclude, ‘Well since I’m here, I might as well have the steak because the only steak I like is the one I eat here.’ This keeps us from the joy of discovery and a list of new specials that may hold the potential of your new favorite. This is most likely a restaurant you know and love; so there has to be something you haven’t tried but that will become a delightful surprise.

So this is an opportunity for me to say, “Oh my God, you guys…!”

Almond Croissants at Butler’s Cafe

Oh my God, you guys have to try the Almond Croissant at Butlers. The moment I ordered it I remember regretting it; croissants aren’t really flaky and airy here in Pakistan, they tend to be bready. And almonds? Who ever gets those right?

Fortunately I didn’t change my order and the result was a flaky, airy croissant enveloping a sweet surprise - almond paste. Topped with flaked almonds and a hint of sugar dust, the almond croissant is a win with none of the nut’s bitterness. Of course, if you don’t like almonds stay far away. Eat them fresh on the spot to get the full advantage of flavor.
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Tacos at Espresso

A recent addition to the menu at Espresso is their Tacos. The only other popular Mexican food eatery is the take-out only Taco El Paso, located in Khadda Market, Karachi opposite Hot ‘N Spicy. Is there a growing popularity of Mexican food? If it’s on Espresso’s menu then it must be. After their inclusion of pizzas and burgers they usually know what their patrons want and they always manage to deliver on taste.
The three beef tacos are served with a side of sour cream and salsa. These tacos are everything tacos should be – crispy, juicy and a hell of a mess to eat.
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  1. We have moved to Taco El Paso - Ocean Mall , Food Court, Clifton.