The palate of Pakistan through a rich culture filled with familial food and the burgeoning fine dining restaurants of its cities.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A trip to Dhoraji Market + Fish Recipe

It’s called Dhoraji. The famous Rangoonwala Hall leads you to the heart of the market as it slopes down to the even more famous gola ganda (shaved ice) stands. But blink and you’ve missed Dhoraji market.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Brain Freeze

A taste test of Omoré’s premium ice cream

Being an adult is great! I don’t have to ask anyone if I can buy two flavors of the latest Omoré ice cream. Though my family looks on with wide-eyed horror as I sit down to a taste test of a total of 1600 ml of ice cream in the name of research.

Omoré boasts Premium Diary Ice Cream in Tiramisu and Strawberry Cheesecake flavors. Yes, I do mean, boasts. Not all ice cream manufacturers have the audacity to write ‘ice cream’ on their packaging. To do so would imply the use of diary products so the legally non-binding term ‘frozen dessert’ is used instead. Since there is no Consumer Protection Agency or Food and Drug Administration to oversee these issues we’ll have to take Omoré on its word. Doing so shouldn’t be too hard since Olper’s is the sister company of Omoré which is the dairy range of products; both are owned by Engro Foods. If the ad campaign for Olper’s is anything to go by, well then, slender-waisted, pouty lipped, village belles collect milk from their cows and offer it to the pagan gods of the corporate world. Just saying.