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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Monsieur in the Middle East: Chef Christophe Lerouy

Chef De Cuisine Christophe Lerouy (right) with Gabor, Chef De Partie.

Professionally trained in his hometown in France, Chef Christophe Lerouy has been working in some of the best restaurants around the world, most of them have at least one Michelin star; from the home of fine dining, France to America and from Singapore to the Middle East. Chef Lerouy brings his knowledge of the culinary arts to Abu Dhabi as Chef de Cuisine at Park Rotana Hotel’s Amador Restaurant and Cellar. He trained with Chef Juan Amador to perfect the vision that finally made it’s way to the Middle East.

I sat down with Chef Lerouy for some insight into his love of food and he shares a wonderfully simple fine dining dessert recipe.

What is your culinary background?
Qualified CAP Cuisine in The Joseph Storck School of Hotel, Guebwiller, France.

Explain the theme of Amador.
Amador Restaurant and Cellar serves Spanish influenced avant-garde cuisine of 3 Michelin starred Chef Juan Amador. The outlet offers tow dynamic experiences  - the fine dining at Amador Restaurant and more relaxed and casual one at the Amador Cellar offering imaginative Tapas of Chef Amador.

How long have you been working in Abu Dhabi?
Since February 2012.

How is Abu Dhabi different from what you expected as a culinary destination? 
I already knew it before I came here as I worked in Marrakech before, so it’s not much different from what I expected.

How often do you change the menus at your restaurant?
Every three months, and we have just launched a new menu.

Image Courtesy: Ali Khurshid

What is the most important part of developing a menu?
We have to adapt to the guests and the availability of food ingredients in UAE.

What do you like to eat in Abu Dhabi?
Sushi at Teatro Restaurant of Park Rotana, Abu Dhabi.

What is your favorite Emirati food?
Hommous and mixed grill.

What is the signature dish at your restaurant?
It is Mieral Pigeon with Purple Curry, which one of the most famous signature dishes of Chef Juan Amador.

What is your earliest food memory?
Carrot Crudite from my childhood in France.

What is your favorite restaurant dish to eat?
I like to try something I did not eat before from the menu; something which sounds interesting to me.

What is your favorite restaurant dish to cook?
Norwegian Lobster Naturelle.

What destination would you recommend to travellers who love food?
Asia for its diversity in food and France for its fine dining.

What’s your cooking style?

What’s your favorite food to eat at home?
Cheese, steak tartare and cold cuts.

How did you know you wanted to be a chef?
I grew up in my mom' s kitchen in the family hotel business.

Who has influenced you as a chef?
Jacques & Laurent Pourcel 3 star Michelin starred chefs in France who taught me for what I am today.

How has being a chef changed you as a person?
I am more experimental on food and the job does make me a stronger person.

What is your favorite tool in the kitchen?

Any advice for aspiring chefs?
Work from your heart and it will flow naturally, be passionate.

 Café au Lait 

Amador's Cafe Au Lait with Coffee Cream
Image Courtesy: Park Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Cafe au lait
180ml   creme
150ml     milk
100g       coffee Beans
125g   egg yolk
200g  white chocolate

Coffee cream
500ml   espresso
2 ½  gelatine
4  ager ager
60g   sugar


-Bake the café au lait ingredients at 120c for 120 min, blend and fill in molds, freeze and when frozen air brush with white chocolate.
-Coffee cream-Heat espresso, sugar and ager. Add gelatine, cool down and blend
-Poached fig: Reduce grape juice with sugar and cinnamon, put it over the dried figs.


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